Monday, May 5, 2008

thanks to Karl Fisch we're all shifting..

Thanks to Karl Fisch, I seem far more intelligent and knowledgeable about the impact of technology on our daily lives, than I really am. And without fail, each time I share his presentation Shift Happens, like I did today, with colleagues and other important people I notice the lights go on around the room, the nodding heads and then when it's it's all over, the predictable scramble to my laptop to get copies of his salient words. For those brief moments Mr Fisch makes me feel really important, that somehow I knew his words existed and could share them. Of course I didn't find them on my own, they were shared with me so I could share them with others. So I'm a big fan, not because what he says is earth shatteringly new, but because the information is crafted together so succinctly, powerfully and simply. And while the presentation is very much from a US perspective, the same issues are confronting our country too, perhaps only differing in scale. The overall message is the same and while Mr Fisch directs a lot of his challenges at the education system in the US and to empowering students and education policy decision makers, I reckon a whole lot of local business people would shift their view after a run through.

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