Thursday, May 8, 2008

the Queen got it, but not the ANC

So I thought Obama was with it because he is twittering, well I have learnt that one of the most popular new sites on You Tube is the Royal Channel. Now I'm not a dedicated follower of the Royal Family, and so haven't been looking for their stuff on the web, but when I heard that they launched their own You Tube offering in December and the channel has been growing ever since I had to go and take a look. Who would have guessed that a British Institution like the Royal family would have considered a YouTube offering? What this demonstrates is that even such a traditional institution can't ignore the power of www. It's of course very sugar coated and full to the brim with cushy royal footage and pictures, but hey its doing a great job at promoting the Royal family. The Royal Channel was launched with a Christmas message from the Queen and some 400 000 people watched the royal channel in its first two days of launch. So does Britney Spears now have some serious competition from the Queen? Well, I'm not convinced unless there is a massive conversion in the Internet skills of the elderly in the UK. It struck me, that if politicians and royalty are using You Tube, then perhaps our own ruling party the ANC had considered the benefits of having a YouTube presence? I went to take a look and this is where it got interesting, because indeed they do have a YouTube presence, but probably not in the way they would have intended. What ANC Exposed demonstrates is again the power of the www. If you don't actively become a part of it, don't harness it, then you could find yourself disintermediated by it.

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