Friday, May 2, 2008

even barack obama twitters

You may have noticed I'm a new entrant to blogging and I'm behaving like a kid with a new toy. It's not just the blogging thing that interests me. I'm fascinated by the www and mobile, as new channels to market, so I'm learning as much as possible as quickly as I can. Yesterday I got a bit more familiar with twitter. Thanks to Colin Daniels again (the cheque is in the post Colin), who is great at sharing information, I learnt that Barack Obama uses twitter. Now I'm a big fan of Barack Obama. I want him to win the US presidential race and using new media tools like twitter should help him along. It's great to know that a presidential hopeful embraces new media like this, because particularly in more developed parts of the world, traditional media is being wiped by www and mobile media applications. I have no doubt Obama is penetrating new audiences better using twitter than if he had stuck to mainstream media tools. Of course, someone is going to argue that is not him, its his advisors who are responsible for his clued up state. Reality is leadership is key. If the leader is prepared to embrace new stuff then it happens. When the leader (wannabe or not) of any organisation or country for that fact doesn't get it, then it wont happen. Fullstop.

I cut and pasted some of Obama's twitterings below in case you're interested..

Name Barack Obama
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Campaigning today in South Bend, IN and will be on Letterman tonight at 11pm ET/PT on CBS.
from web
With Others
Having lunch with Michelle & talking with working families in Indianapolis, then heading to Bloomington for a rally at Indiana University. from web
In Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem & Hickory, NC today. Also, on the Rachael Ray Show today. For show times visit: from web
At a One-Stop Early Vote Rally at The University of North Carolina, Dean E. Smith Center. More info: from web
In New Albany, IN at a town hall meeting at Indiana University Southeast. from web
Traveling through PA today & asking folks to vote for change! If you are in PA & need polling location info visit from web
Going to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight. 11:00pm ET on Comedy Central. Hope you watch & reply with your thoughts after. from web
In McKeesport & Pittsburgh, PA today finishing the "On Track for Change" tour and reminding everyone in PA to vote tomorrow! from web
In Reading & Scranton, PA today. Honored to be campaigning with Senator Bob Casey and Caroline Kennedy. Visit from web
On the "On Track for Change" tour through Pennsylvania. Heading to Harrisburg for a rally tonight on the State Capitol's South Steps. from web
At Independence National Historical Park (Philly, PA) kicking off the "On Track for Change" tour. For more info: from web
In Philadelphia, PA. Debating tonight on ABC. Watch the debate at 8pm ET/PT and 7pm CT/MT. Text your thoughts to 62262 after. from web
At the Building Trades National Legislative Conference, stating that we need to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of our economy. from web
In PA at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, stating that any trade agreement must contain real, enforceable standards for workers. from web
Campaigning in Indiana today. Going from Indianapolis to Columbus and on to Terre Haute. For more info visit from web
Talked with Communications Workers of America about getting America back to work. Watch my full speech at: from web
In Indiana on the 40th anniv. of Dr. King's assassination. Asking everyone to continue his lifelong pursuit of social & economic justice. from web
Troubled by today's unemployment figures, the latest indicator of how badly America needs fundamental change from Bush-McCain policies. from web
At West Chester University of Pennsylvania, will be appearing live on MSNBC at 5PM ET today for the Chris Matthews Hardball College Tour. from web
Reminding everyone to donate by midnight tonight and you could be chosen to dine with me and a few supporters. from web


Colin Daniels said...

Presidential candidates adopting new media channels in order to reach a sought after constituency is incredibly fascinating and the 2009 U.S. Presidential race has really brought tools such as twitter and YouTube into the mainstream.

Now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak, it will be interesting to see whether the next president (hopefully a Democrat!) will continue to use these channels in the same way that they use the mass media -- as a way of communicating with the American public and encouraging participatory governance -- or risk being exposed as yet another manipulative politician.

gisele wa said...

yes, wouldnt it be amazing if he continues twittering and blogging after he gets into office. I considered Hilary might have considered twittering, but interestingly she hasnt - says a lot about Hilary. I'm not the only one to wonder why she isnt twittering. here's another perspective

gisele wa said...